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25. May 2021

DataGuard launches new Consent and Preference Management platform: “DataGuard Consent Management”

Data privacy and information security company DataGuard has integrated a comprehensive consent and preference management platform into their “Privacy-as-a-Service” offering: DataGuard Consent Management. Numerous DataGuard customers are already using the solution, helping them to capture and manage consents and preferences of more than 30 million customers, users and employees. 

The launch of this intelligent, compliant, and fully integrated consent and preference management platform follows DataGuard’s acquisition of MyLife Digital in April 2021. Already an established leader in the privacy and information security space, DataGuard now offers DataGuard Consent Management to their existing customer base of well over 1,500 companies as well as new customers in Germany, the UK and beyond. 

DataGuard Consent Management allows organisations, from start-up to enterprise, to leverage the power of accurate, compliant data. Once implemented, they should expect to see increased marketing ROI, reduced blanket opt-outs and stronger customer loyalty. The UK Committee for UNICEF, for instance, is using DataGuard Consent Management to help reduce opt-out rates and give supporters genuine choice, clarity and control of what they want to hear about and when they want it. “As a result of flexibility for recording permissions, UNICEF UK have seen a significant increase in the number of supporters giving consent to marketing depending on channel”, says Vicky Johnson, Head of Supporter Care. 

Growing customer databases is a key requirement across all industries, yet since GDPR it has been much harder to compliantly share data between partners. With DataGuard Consent Management, organisations can simply add a widget to their partner’s website or app that compliantly captures consent and shares it between parties– a significant commercial benefit to most organisations. 

Kivanc Semen, Co-Founder and Managing Director at DataGuard says: “With DataGuard Consent Management we complement our “Privacy-as-a-Service” product with an extensive and fully integrated all-in-one solution for ethical consent and preference management. This marks another important milestone on our mission of protecting the people behind the data and making data privacy an inherent part of every business.” 

J Cromack, Lead Product Evangelist at DataGuard adds, “People are waking up to the idea that they can take back control of their personal data, shunning companies they can no longer trust. DataGuard Consent Management helps make organisations the number one choice. By making consent part of the customer journey, they are more able to build trust and capture more accurate information which allows them to create remarkable customer experiences that boost long-term customer loyalty.” 

The product features 

DataGuard now provides a scalable Consent and Preference Management platform which rebalances the control of personal data between the organisation and the consumers they serve. It transparently brings consumers closer to the personal data organisations hold on them and empowers those consumers to engage in decisions over its use at a granular level, resulting in actionable data, higher consumer trust and strong data compliance. 

This way, data and compliance work in harmony by focusing on what matters for an organisation and the consumer by; 

  • Boosting consumer engagement – increase data volume, context and utility 
  • Maintaining compliance – reduce risk against punitive fines and meet accountability principles 
  • Building trust – infuse transparency and empowerment into the user experience 
  • Increase profitability – better data, more consent, greater contact rates, greater levels of personalisation = increased ROI 

Intelligent, targeted consent 


By only asking for information when it is needed, the quality of the information captured vastly increases, which makes marketing and communications more effective. More importantly, it allows people to fully understand why they are being asked for information and gives them confidence that it will only be used for the purpose it was given. 

Easy-to-implement preference centre 


Consumers can update their consent and preferences, as their needs change online, face to face or verbally. There are up to 10 unique preferences centre templates available for organisations to implement across their channels, which can be easily personalised to show the value that will be lost should an individual choose to opt out. This results in more accurate, valuable first party data that can be used more effectively to target communications. 

Compliant audit trail 


Every update an individual makes, across every channel is recorded in the DataGuard Consent Management platform with granular processing details to ensure organisations have a compliant audit trail for GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, ePrivacy. 

Flexible open API 

Far from being another system for marketing teams to manage, DataGuard Consent Management has a flexible, open API that integrates with all CRMs and marketing software, plus a natively built Salesforce integration available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

The advantages of DataGuard Consent Management 

Many organisations struggle to provide clarity on how personal data is used and how to deliver control to individuals over their personal information, while still maintaining utility of the data for the organisation. 

A key requirement is the ability to maintain a single source of truth of an individual’s consents and preferences. DataGuard Consent Management captures consent across multiple touchpoints and continuously synchronises this information across multiple systems, giving one unified view. It does this without destroying the user experience, which results in more accurate, compliant data being captured to create more personalised effective communications, increased opt in rates and lower blanket unsubscribes. 

DataGuard believes this new product will change the narrative on ethical consent and preference management, making it a fundamental requirement for any growing business that processes personal data. 

About DataGuard 

DataGuard is an all-in-one data privacy and information security platform. Over 1,500 customers use DataGuard’s end-to-end “Privacy-as-a-Service” and “InfoSec-as-a-Service” solutions to comply with regulations like GDPR or attain and retain certifications such as ISO 27001 and TISAX®. Over 150 employees in Munich, Berlin and London enable their customers to operationalise privacy and information security throughout all their business processes – thereby driving compliance, mitigating risks, and generating value through trust and transparency. To learn more, visit or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter. 


TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association. DataGuard is not affiliated with the ENX Association. We provide consultation and support for the assessment on TISAX® only. The ENX Association does not take any responsibility for any content shown on DataGuard's website.

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