What is DataGuard’s “Privacy-as-a-Service”?

Personal consultation and support + platform/software support:

An interdisciplinary team of lawyers, computer scientists, engineers, business economists etc. supports our customers in teams of 2-4 TÜV/DEKRA certified Data Protection Officers who specialize in the fields of data protection and IT security. As our platform/software is used extensively, we do not consider ourselves a consultancy but a legal-technology company with an approach that is scalable both in Germany and internationally.

The personalized consultation of our customers is supported by a specially programmed web platform. It digitizes and automates manual and repetitive processes using machine learning and processes data input with machine learning, amongst other things. The platform is used by our customers and our team. In June 2018, we filed a patent for our invention with the European Patent Office under reference number Q0144EP.

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