“I don’t have to think about GDPR anymore.” 

 The above sentiment—a long sought-after goal for many SMB and corporate executives—is a real-life sigh of relief from Veronika Riederle, co-founder of Demodesk. 

“Let’s be honest,” said Ms. Riederle, “for most people, when you mention GDPR, they cringe and say ‘ugh.’ That is not surprising. There are thousands of companies saying their compliant and they’re really not.” 

 Demodesk offers a new kind of conferencing technology that focuses on customer-facing conversations. It gives users a web-based virtual display that anyone can access with the click of a link. Sharing content is faster, lag time is eliminated, real-time editing and collaboration are made possible. 

 Protecting their clients’ confidential data from any number of sources is of paramount importance to Demodesk. Which explains why Demodesk has turned to DataGuard to ensure company-wide privacy protection. 

We work with a lot of sensitive data,” explained Ms. Riederle. “Our clients’ sales pitches, customer 
data syncing with CRMs..."  DataGuard offers a unique combination to handle this. Their software allows us to document our processes, plus they give us access to privacy professionals who can provide us with expert advice.” 

Based in Munich, DataGuard is the leading provider of “Privacy-and-Compliance-as-a-Service.” The unique combination of a team of privacy experts and sophisticated software has enabled thousands of companies to effectively address GDPR and other privacy regulations. 

“That’s what has always excited me. Their ability to leverage technology to reduce routine and time-consuming processes. The time-saving part is a big plus because you can directly equate that to money saved. Then their experts give us the best possible consultation on things that matter. It is like having a legal firm at your disposal at a fraction of the cost. 

Other companies only offer software. I am going to be very honest. I do not believe that self-service software without legal expertise is going to work. I would never suggest platform only because you’ll get lost. Conversely, hiring a lawyer is going to cost you a lot of money. For me, the DataGuard combination is right. 

European companies looking to scale, as well as those in Silicon Valley looking to get into Europe, are all going to have be compliant. When asked, if she would recommend DataGuard to them, Ms. Riederle was emphatic. 

 “I can highly recommend the transparent investment, there are copycats, but you can't go wrong with the original: DataGuard." 



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