DataGuard takes on data privacy for construction management company

In any real estate project, large or small, there’s a great deal of financial data that needs to be tracked and traced. Investors, construction companies, subcontractors, suppliers, and more all have a financial stake in the success of the project. Which is why transparent and accurate financial reporting is a must.

Helping the construction industry better manage work, cost, and cash flows is Alasco GmbH.

“We offer a software service for the construction industry that allows project developers to control costs of their construction sites,” explained Emanuel Breitsmeter, the German company’s head of operations. “One of my key responsibilities is Alasco’s legal side of the business in general and data privacy in particular.”

Automated privacy platform plus a team of privacy consultants

With its innovative financial management system, Alasco GmbH allows companies to better plan, collaborate, and control their real estate projects. The company’s automated documentation process enables users to manage budgets, work and cash flows, and more by connecting all financial data and partners by project.

DataGuard offers Alasco a “privacy-as-a-service” solution, a unique combination of a web-based tech platform that allows for the automation of certain processes, complemented by a team of legal, IT, HR, and data privacy experts.

An affordable data privacy solution

“Before, most of this was done through a bigger law firm. If individualized questionnaires were required that became very costly. We realized we needed a data privacy officer but that was too much of an expense for a company of our size. That was the biggest pain point that drove us to employing an external service.

“We looked at a number of options and decided to go with DataGuard. The winning argument was that the questionnaire audit was part of their process. Plus, they offered an out clause after six months, so it was easy to sell to the managing directors.

“Having someone I can send my questions to for a prompt reply is wonderful. I don't have to worry about the cost as much as I have to with a lawyer where I have to write them to please only invest 25 minutes because I can’t afford more.

“With DataGuard, there’s a certain amount of hours included in our package. It covers the amount of questions that I have and gives me peace of mind that I won’t get a huge invoice at the end of the year, because that’s what happens when you send a lawyer a message, they start working until you say stop.

Great cost-to-peace-of-mind ratio

“The quality of the DataGuard work is really good. The online platform is simple to use, and implementation was smooth. Our main contact person is always super responsive, anytime we have a question, it works well. “For me, incorporating DataGuard into what we do was very seamless. It was a no brainer. The cost-to- peace-of-mind ratio is very good. Just to get rid of having to always think about data privacy is worth the price alone.”