We care

about data protection and the people behind the data. We consider the privacy of data to be an inviolable human right and our ambition is to enable organisations to achieve sustainable compliance in order to easily and efficiently protect each person’s privacy.

We build bridges

not only between the complex privacy regulations, regulatory authorities, and affected organisations, but also between the many different individuals with diverse backgrounds working together to perfectly connect high-quality human expertise and state of the art technology.

We add value

by empowering businesses across the globe to focus on their core competencies and improving their processes, consequently strengthening customer trust and making privacy compliance their competitive advantage.

We conquer peaks

by venturing into new, uncharted territory opposing the unregulated and untransparent use of people’s data. In order to make a considerable impact and to change the common perception as personal data not being a product that can be used or sold at will, we firmly stand together in paving the path to a better future.

We create trust

as a reliable partner, who not only talks but also leads by example. Transparency is paramount for the success of our mission and to strengthen our culture on the inside, as well as to form close relationships with authorities, organisations, and people on the outside.

How did we get there?

MAY 2018

GDPR becomes applicable for all companies operating in the EU



APRIL 2019

Launch of strategic partnership with Deutsche Telekom


MARCH 2020

Successful completion of the Series A financing round with One Peak Partners


Market entrance in UK
Opening of Berlin and London offices
Launch of sales cooperation with Deutsche Telekom

APRIL 2021

Acquisition of UK-based MyLife Digital
Launch of DataGuard Consent Management


Successful completion of the Series B financing round with Morgan Stanley and One Peak Partners



  • External DPO
  • Audit and risk analysis
  • Data subject requests
  • Online training courses
  • Cookie & preference manager
  • Business advice from experts



  • Preparation for ISO 27001
  • Building an ISMS
  • Asset management
  • Risk mitigation
  • Internal audit



  • Digital whistleblowing system
  • Whistleblowing support
  • Compliance audit
  • Risk mitigation
  • Online training courses
  • Templates

Our Management

  • LinkedIn Icon Thomas Regier
    Thomas Regier Co-Founder & Managing Director
  • LinkedIn Icon Kivanç Semen
    Kivanç Semen Co-Founder & Managing Director
  • LinkedIn Icon Nina Grandin
    Nina Grandin Chief People Officer
  • Ference Brose
    Ference Brose Chief Technology Officer
  • Michelle Schrey
    Michelle Schrey Vice President Finance
  • LinkedIn Icon Dominik Herzig
    Dominik Herzig Vice President Professional Services
  • Christine Walch
    Christine Walch Vice President Marketing
  • Amina Boukaboub
    Amina Boukaboub Vice President Customer Success
  • Viktor Stryczek
    Viktor Stryczek Head of Global Corporate Sales
  • Alexandros Vassiliadis
    Alexandros Vassiliadis Head of RevOps and Demand Gen
  • Emre Salmanoglu
    Emre Salmanoglu Head of Product







Our Offices

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Chancery House
53-64 Chancery Ln
London WC2A 1QS