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  • Basic
    LOW Privacy requirements





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  • Medium
    MODERATE Privacy requirements

    Advertising agencies

    Industrial enterprises

    Construction/Real estate

    Travel, Tourism, Hotels

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  • Medium+
    High Privacy requirements

    Doctors, Pharmacists

    Lawyers, Consultants

    Online stores

    Small IT companies

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  • Premium
    VERY HIGH Privacy requirements

    Finance companies

    Employment agencies

    Software/Platform solutions

    Companies with >100 employees

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  • Corporate
    INDIVIDUAL Privacy requirements



    Publicly listed companies

    Umbrella organisations

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2-months satisfaction guarantee
You should be satisfied with our support as an external DPO. Only then should you give us your trust for the full contract period.
BAFA subsidy
Our audits are eligible for at least a 50% reimbursement by BAFA. We’ll guide you through the application process.
Detailed Overview
Medium +
GDPR basic protection
Appointment of your Data Protection Officer
Notification of your Data Protection Officer to the supervisory authority
Personalized privacy policy for your website, webshop, app, platform
Data protection dossiers with technical and legal updates
Annual activity report to the Management Board
DataGuard seal for the website and for branding
Employee commitment to the principles of the GDPR
Employee training courses (digital)
Number of employees covered in the training (via the DataGuard platform) 1-50 pax 1-75 pax 1-100 pax 1-150 pax
Data protection audit
Data Protection audit (data protection assessment)
Analysis based on intelligent questionnaires (digital)
Audit calls with DataGuard’s Data Protection Officers
Audit minutes and prioritized recommendations for action
Number of supported Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) 1 2 4
Data Protection documentation (prepared by DataGuard)
Preparation of Technical and Organisational Measures (TOM)
Documentation of standard processes without company specific data processing activties (e.g. personnel, purchasing, video surveillance)
Number of business units of core processes with documentation of company-specific data processing activties (e.g. gastronomy, medical treatments, car repairs) 1 business unit 2 business units 4 business units 6 business units
Additional consultation hours included in the service package – flexibly applicable for e.g.: 6 hours per year 12 hours per year 18 hours per year
Processing of data subject enquiries or queries by the authorities
On-site support for inspections by the authorities or external parties
Checking the data protection compliance of software and hardware
Duty to provide information pursuant to Art. 13 and Art. 14 GDPR
Preparation of a customized deletion concept
Data Processing Agreements (DPA)
Preparation of DPAs which the customer distributes to suppliers and external partners 5 DPAs per year 10 DPAs per year 15 DPAs per year
Checking DPAs which the customer receives from their customers and external partners 5 DPAs per year 10 DPAs per year 15 DPAs per year
Special services in Medium+ and Premium
Printing and delivery of a data protection folder with relevant information and templates
Personalized and industry-relevant training for the management team and other departments (digital)
Company-specific data protection analysis with personalized questionnaires and follow-up telephone calls 2 per year 4 per year
Data protection audit (one-off price)
All prices are net 1.000 € 1.600 € 2.200 € 3.000 €
Contract period (months) 24 24 24 24
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Choose your industry

We support you on your journey towards GDPR compliance

  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Craft and Construction
  • IT
  • Finance and Legal
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Corporations
  • Churches
  • Public institutions

Your data protection team for Industrial and Manufacturing

With our expertise in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, we will support you in the processing of personnel and customer data in a GDPR compliant manner. We will assist you in the transfer of data to third-parties such as suppliers and sub-contractors. With DataGuard, you can guarantee data protection for your clients.

Dr. Patrick Schweisthal
Dr. Frank Schemmel
Ashraf Malik
Andreas Riehn
Robert Mäckle

Your data protection team for Craft and Construction

Whether working with property management companies, transferring data to sub-contractors or dealing with WhatsApp, we are familiar with the challenges faced by the craft and construction industries. Pragmatically and in a manner that is solution-oriented, we will support your company on its journey towards GDPR compliance.

Dr. Teßmar von Bonin
Maren Wienands
Patrick Schnitzer
Ashraf Malik
Dr. Hans-Georg Schaefer

Your data protection team for IT

In the IT industry, the processing of personal data is integral. We provide the expertise from cross-border data transfers to the privacy application of software tools. We support you with data protection issues regarding remote maintenance and access.

Robert Mäckle
Celine Gündüz
Janis Junker
Ashraf Malik

Your data protection team for Finance and Legal

The protection of personal data in the finance and legal sectors poses particular challenges: As a bearer of trade secrets, companies often processes sensitive data. In addition, individual EU members states have their own derogations of the GDPR. We provide business-focused data protection advice and help you make informed decisions.

Dr. Frank Schemmel
Andreas Riehn
Dr. Hans-Georg Schaefer
Dr. Patrick Schweisthal
Boris Otterbach

Your data protection team for Media and Entertainment

In the communications industry, processing high volumes of personal data is part of the job. But to whom can you send marketing communications? How can old e-mail address lists be used in the new GDPR era? We have the answers for your business and will provide pragmatic support as an external Data Protection Officer.

Janis Junker
Andreas Riehn
Celine Gündüz

Your data protection team for Healthcare

The medical and healthcare industry carries many risks with the processing of personal data. We help you deliver on your business objectives while navigating the complaint handling of special-category data.

Dr. Hans-Georg Schaefer
Celine Gündüz
Maren Wienands
Konstantin Greif
Dennis Gurewitsch

Your data protection team for Corporations

In the international networking of corporations and corporate groups, the legally compliant handling of personal data can be difficult to manage, especially when dealing with third countries. With our expertise in data protection for international companies, we understand the challenges you face and will support you in implementing the appropriate technical and organisational measures required by the GDPR.

Dr. Frank Schemmel
Maren Wienands
Dr. Hans-Georg Schaefer
Janis Junker
Andreas Riehn
Robert Mäckle

Your data protection team for Churches

We are your experts in the implementation of the KDG, the KDG-DVO, and the DSG-EKD. We are at your disposal for all data protection related questions and will serve as your IT-security guide for day-to-day church activities.

Tobias Schweizer
Dr. Teßmar von Bonin
Boris Otterbach
Dr. Hans-Georg Schaefer

Your data protection team for Public institutions

Public institutions carry a special status under the GDPR and the BDSG which comes with added complexities. In addition, there are EU member state-specific legal requirements to which public institutions must comply. As experts in this field, we provide you with comprehensive data protection support.

Dr. Hans-Georg Schaefer
Boris Otterbach
Dr. Patrick Schweisthal
Tobias Schweizer
Dennis Gurewitsch

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